This a collection of  some of my work over the years.

FB Ads: These are my most successful FB ads in terms of profit. Some of them are very down-market — which was something I learned to do for certain audiences. Some of them are downright silly, but nearly all went viral and made my customers very happy with CTRs and conversions they were unable to best on their own.

News & Features:
These are samples of some of news and features I wrote, sometimes ghost-written. Many were syndicated on blogs and other news sites. 











Weekly Trade Wire:
I maintained Rapaport’s TradeWire for more than two years, a minimalist update of everything in a week in current events, financial news and specific events of importance to diamond traders.

I also did the Israel segments of the Rapaport weekly video. With a minimal budget, I built a studio using in Jerusalem to send this out to New York. I also would occasionally take the camera into the field.




Informational Features:
These are samples of informational pieces I was asked to do for Pameno.


Case Studies: I’ve done a few in my life and they were alway by committee. My role was always the copy. This includes the SodaStream case study for Adotomi’s most successful LIKE campaign, which was not done by committee — I did the research, targeting, copy, and the images and had had to A/B test them before the client trusted my images were better for FB than theirs. I wrote the original draft of this case study, and the biz devel team added their biz devel-ish flourishes. 

Marketing and Web Copy: Some of these are duplicated in the URLs above, but I provided examples of where they started.
Tradesmarter / Hey Affiliates
Signal Index

Presentations: I always hated Microsoft Powerpoint, which has a powerful ability to cause audiences to sleep. In the early days, I made presentations in Scala when I had to, but there’s no avoiding Powerpoint.
Pre-funding Adotomi Presentation 

PRs: These are a few press releases I wrote. Most of Rapaport’s from 2007-2009 (available on diamonds.net) are mine as well.
Omni Media PR / City of Loma Linda
TradeCrowd PR
Pameno Municipal Program 

These are sites I helped develop, either in design, copy, or in the back-end. In most cases, I also set policies for SEO and promoting them at the time, sometimes with paid placement. In time, my roles would more strategic, with most of the content being done by the employees of the companies in question according to guidelines I would give them. I would sometimes be asked to lead projects based on these suggestions, sometimes bringing my own contractors to do the work. 

 http://www.signalindex.com  /  http://www.tradesmarter.com
I did most of the organization and copy for these sites, as well as consult on brand identity and media strategy.  

TradeCrowd was a later trading platform I was asked to consult on, but this time at the earliest stage of funding, where I helped with brand identity, press releases and general media strategy. I later helped their staff kickstart social media efforts with Facebook and retargeting. 

I did most of the organization and copy for this. This was also where I was CD.

A Berlin-based startup in very early stages of incubation. I am contributing copy that is still being integrated. 

I was asked to fix the copy on this minimalist site for the sister company of Deji Media. 

Band homepage.  

I helped design and build the rebrand of Edmunds in 1999 when it officially became “Edmunds.com.” A review or two might still be there, but my homegrown content management system and documentation is still being used by the company’s production staff. Much of the backend still bears my name, and much of the internal documentation about the content management system, the servers, the API documentation for developers, the checklists for systems administrators and the knowledge base for employees were authored in their earliest beginnings by me.  

The spiritual descendant of Adotomi, which has changed considerably since I left. 

I was the sole maintainer of this mini-site for many years. 

I was the sole maintainer of this site for many years. 

My old features, tradewires, interviews, features, news and broadcasts are all still here. I also oversaw the site’s transition to a modern look. 

Not much of my copy remains, but I helped to build and launch this site, as well as consulted on early media strategy. 

I oversaw the development of this property, mostly to support a SAAS product for municipalities. I wrote press releases, and did the MarComm work for the product, as well as contribute to the strategic plan of where to look for customers and how to entice them to use the product. It’s been abandoned since being a victim of the economic downturn, when local governments faced austerity measures and backed out of plans to implement it. It doesn’t look so pretty now, and at least a bit dated, but all of the content was either written, ghost-written, or overseen by staff under me. 

I had little to do with the site, but led a project to built a giant inventory of ready-to-use original images and copy for most small and medium-sized businesses to use Zibaba’s Facebook storefront software. 

Technical Writing: As the sys admin with a liberal arts degree, I found myself having to wear this hat more and more until it became my main one at UT. I do all the communication for the ITS ESM group and edit/write/maintain all technical documentation relating to systems administration.

I did most of Edmunds.com’s internal technical documentation, and I did much of Adotomi’s as well.  All of the above is confidential and for internal use only, unfortunately.

Speeches: I wrote plenty of speeches from Rapaport on, and I am no stranger to the teleprompter myself, and know how to read one. All Obama jokes aside, it’s not as easy as it looks.

This is a best man’s speech I was paid to do by the friend of a friend of an English project manager I had never met who wanted me to write something funny for an English audience and highlighting the lifelong Liverpool / Everton sports rivalry between the best man and his brother, the groom. I’ve written a few good speeches in my life, and love doing it, but this is the only one I still have a copy of.