Gever was a Corgi-Golden Retriever mix that was the prime motivation for most of the responsible life decisions I’ve made in my life up until his unfortunate demise on October 3, 2016. ¬†Gever was a very healthy influence on my life, and I can say without any shame I liked him better than any person I ever knew.

As his third owner, I made a promise to him I would never abandon him, no matter how difficult it became to keep him. Gever would develop a liver shunt and bum gall bladder requiring a great deal of extra care, and I had to make a move back out of Tel Aviv.

I decided on Austin, since I figured it would be softest landing for both of us, and I’d be able to afford a home with a yard and a dog door. Gever was a much happier dog here, I think in part because his little yard was nicer than most Tel Aviv dog parks.

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